Help Me Get To India

This summer, I will be working alongside local community members in the Udaipur area of India, helping to build a school for a rural community. During the three-week trip, I will get to know local elders and young people and will be engaged in intensive leadership training while learning about the complex social issues of that country.

My fundraising goal is $5000. That's the cost of the Me to We trip to Udaipur to help build a new school for a rural community. I welcome your contributions, no matter what size. You can either purchase a T-shirt or donate online. Either way, you will be helping me to make a difference.

I want to change the world!

I created Artful Kids because I want to change the world. My name is Jaime and I blend words and images to create meaningful T-shirt designs. The purchase of these shirts helps me to raise funds to help children around the world. I do this through Me to We trips and through my own initiatives.

I began creating these shirts while raising funds for my first Me to We Free the Children trip to the Maasai Mara region of Kenya in 2012. Free the Children has built more than 650 schools and schoolrooms around the world since they formed in 1995.

About Me

I am a Canadian teenager, determined to help make the world a better place for kids. I want to use art as a vehicle to help children express themselves and to learn about themselves.

Not every kid has access to art supplies or to art teaching. I am going to change that. I have created shirts that I hope will inform and inspire people. I would be grateful if you would consider buying one of my shirts to help support my charitable work. Over time, I will move from helping individuals towards helping communities.

Donate or Purchase an Artful Kids T-Shirt

My T-shirt designs are meant to communicate important messages. Choose from any design and select from the following sizes: x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large

Each T-shirt is for sale for $35.00 Canadian. All profits from the sale will help me to travel to India this summer and will help me to advance my longer term goal of helping kids explore the arts in their own communities.

My T-shirts are made by American Apparel, a company that believes in free and fair trade and supporting its employees around the world.